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Anti-branding Un-named Nutra shares the formula behind its first product

un-named nutra

Un-named Nutra is a new supplement company coming to the market that takes a different kind of approach to branding with what it calls ‘anti-branding’. Un-named wants its fans and followers to put more effort and focus on building their own personal brand, with its tagline “Make A Name For Yourself”, reinforcing that.

The first product from Un-named Nutra has now been completely unveiled, with the fairly comprehensive nootropic supplement, ‘Energy’. It features a combination of relatively common ingredients to fuel a promising and productive experience. The formula aims to provide long-lasting energy, improved cognition, and deep focus.

un-named nutra

With its first supplement, Un-named Nutra is essentially looking to give users an anytime mind and body boost. The ingredients and dosages behind the product include half a gram of tyrosine, 200mg each of CDP-choline and rhodiola, 150mg of theobromine, 100mcg of huperzine A, and two sources of caffeine for 167mg per serving.

Energy from Un-named Nutra is due to be available for pre-order directly from the brand sometime soon. Those interested in giving the anti-branding company a try will be able to purchase its product in a 60 capsule bottle, which is enough for the usual 30 full servings.