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X50 puts its unique spin on the growing collagen trend with Fresh Tea

x50 fresh tea

The Australian supplement company X50, known for its original X50 Green Tea, has introduced its spin on the increasingly popular trend of collagen products. The all-new supplement from the team is X50 Fresh Tea, bringing together collagen, the mushrooms chaga and lion’s mane, curcumin, vitamin C, broccoli, and of course, green tea.

X50 refers to the variety of ingredients it has combined in X50 Fresh Tea as a ‘Superfood Beauty Blend’, aimed at supporting healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints, as well as gut health. It is also worth mentioning the collagen in the product is not your common bovine collagen, but your more bioavailable, deep-sea marine collagen.

x50 fresh tea

X50 Fresh Tea is due to hit the Australian market very soon in a Forest Berries flavor and with a regular price of $59.95 (40.13 USD) per box. Each box of the collagen supplement comes with 60 servings, and just like the brand’s X50 Green Tea, all of those servings come wrapped up in single-serve sachets for easier serving and carrying around.