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Yamamoto introduces its more sport and performance focused brand Alphazer


Alphazer is an all-new line of products launching this month in Europe, from the same team that brought you the Italian supplement brand, Yamamoto Nutrition. Alphazer separates itself from the already established Yamamoto by being more focused on products and solutions for general sport and performance athletes.

While the new brand is only hitting the market this month, it is starting things off with a large total of 11 different items, most of which are supplements and some functional foods. On the food side of things, there are three high-carbohydrate bars with the Natural Energy Bar, the Natural Nuts and Fruit Bar, and the Natural Dried Fruits Bar.

As for the actual supplements in the Alphazer lineup, there are eight, with the majority of them being amino-based products. That list of eight includes Eneractive Recovery with EAAs and carbohydrates, Essential Amino, BCAA Instant featuring just BCAAs, Alphalyte Energy, Alphalyte Power, and the hydration formula Hydrazer Recharge.


The remaining Alphazer supplements are a little more complex than all of the others with Enerfuel and the caffeine-infused Enerfuel Nitroracing. Both products come with the carbohydrates Cluster Dextrin and Palatinose for fuel, alongside a bunch of common pre-workout ingredients for increased energy, endurance, and muscle pumps.

For more information on Alphazer and its fresh new lineup of supplements, you can head to the Yamamoto Nutrition website. Through there, you can get a closer look at each of its three functional foods and eight nutrition products. As mentioned, the brand and its supplements are due to become available in Europe later this month.