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Alpha Lion formulates Superhuman Burn for both pre and weight loss benefits

alpha lion superhuman burn

Superhuman Burn is the newest supplement from the team at Alpha Lion, which, as you could probably gather from its name, is a combination of its pre-workout Superhuman and fat burning ingredients. It is essentially a hybrid product aiming to deliver benefits from both of the popular supplement categories; pre-workout and weight loss.

Alpha Lion has brought together a reasonably comprehensive blend of ingredients for Superhuman Burn with a handful to cover each of its promised, dual-action benefits. For the fat-burning side of things, you get four premium, branded ingredients, including CaloriBurn grains of paradise, Advantra Z, Cocoabuterol theobroma, and MitoBurn.

alpha lion superhuman burn

For its pre-workout effects, Superhuman Burn packs many more ingredients with two sources of caffeine and theanine for energy, as well as choline, acetyl-l-carnitine, and tyrosine for focus. Alpha Lion also hopes to help with pumps and performance with its hybrid pre-workout, throwing in beta-alanine, taurine, and 4g of pure citrulline.

Alpha Lion is looking to launch Superhuman Burn in just a few weeks from now on Monday the 13th of next month, directly through its online store at The brand almost always releases new products with an introductory deal, so you will want to be ready when the supplement goes live in its Hulk Juice-flavored 50 servings tub.