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Atlhetica updates both versions of its on-the-go Go! Energy Gel

atlhetica nutrition update go gels

The on-the-go, energy and recovery product Go! gel from Athletica Nutrition has relaunched with new versions of both of its options. The two different Go! gels the Brazilian brand has on the market include a carbohydrate fueled formula for during your workout to support performance, with the other one featuring caffeine for energy.

Starting with Atlhetica Nutrition’s Go! Recovery Gel, it still features 19g of carbohydrates in a 30g squeeze pack from a blend of maltodextrin, waxy maize, and Isomaltulose palatinose. The other option is the Go! Energy Gel that now comes with a bit more caffeine than the previous version at 50mg, which is up about 40% on the previous Go! Energy Gel.

Both of Athletica Nutrition’s Go! gels feature a fresh new look that also gives off a feel that they’re under the same series, line, or brand. As far as flavors go, the brand has re-released the products with quite the variety in Strawberry, Orange, and Guarana for Go! Recovery Gel and Salted Caramel, Strawberry Lemon, and Orange for Go! Energy Gel.

Atlhetica Nutrition’s updated Go! gels are now out and available in Brazil and come in convenient boxes, each packing ten, single-serving sachets for easier carrying and serving.