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Axe and Sledge ups its design game yet again with its latest flavor of The Grind

axe and sledge whiskey cola the grind

When Seth Feroce’s supplement company Axe and Sledge introduced the Swamp Beast flavor of its amino The Grind, it started something special. Not only was that product a great new flavor experience for fans, but it also saw Axe and Sledge use an alternative label design for a particular flavor for the first, which is something it has done several times since.

Over the past year and a half following the launch of Axe and Sledge’s Swamp Beast The Grind, we’ve seen many great looking flavors, including Shark Bite, the updated Unicorn Blood, and Scorpion Venom. The team has now introduced what might be its best looking flavor-themed label to date with Whiskey and Cola, featuring a classic Jack Daniels-like look.

Seth Feroce’s Axe and Sledge plans on making its Whiskey and Cola The Grind, available for purchase starting tomorrow night at precisely 8PM Eastern Time. The brand’s website will be the place to purchase the amino supplement’s newest flavor, where a full-size 30 serving tub of The Grind usually costs you $39.99 each.