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SteelFit adds another flavor each to its amino Fuel and pre-workout Pump

black cherry slushie steel pump

In the past few months, SteelFit has dropped a lot of new products, several of which have been additional flavors for current supplements. Since the beginning of the year, the brand has introduced two new tastes for Steel Whey, another flavor each for Steel Fuel and Pump, and the entirely new items Steel Slim, Fit and Tone, Greens, and Burn.

This week SteelFit continues its string of releases, adding yet one more flavor each to its amino cocktail Steel Fuel and pre-workout Steel Pump. Joining the brand’s Steel Fuel menu today is flavor number five for the BCAA-based product with Lemon Lime, and for the stimulant powered pre-workout Steel Pump, the new addition is Black Cherry Slushie.

SteelFit has both its Lemon Lime Steel Fuel and Black Cherry Slushie Steel Pump available on its website now alongside a rather large sale. The limited-time promotion discounts everything the brand has online by up to 60%, with Steel Fuel down from $44.95 to $24.95 and tubs of Steel Pump from $69.95 all the way to just $29.95.