Just Nuts from Bodylab is as simple as you can get with just bags of nuts

Mar 17th, 2020
bodylab just nuts

Bodylab has released a straightforward product this week that doesn’t have any functional side to it or even a unique twist. The Danish brand’s latest effort is named ‘Just Nuts’, which is indeed precisely that, nuts and nothing else. It is a 400g bag in your choice of three different nuts with either cashews, almonds, or roasted hazelnuts.

Directly from the Bodylab website, Just Nuts costs 69 DKK (10.30 USD) per bag, regardless of the nut you decide on. The brand does have a bulk option available as well, where if you buy three or more, you get them at 69 DKK each. As mentioned, the ingredients in each bag are nuts and nothing else, including no added salt, oil, or unnecessary additives.

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