Reformulated Bowmar Pre coming next week and won’t feature beta-alanine

Mar 31st, 2020
bowmar beta alanine free pre

In its continued effort to evolve and improve, at the of next week, Bowmar Nutrition is introducing a new version of its stimulant-based pre-workout ‘Pre’. The always entertaining brand has revealed almost nothing about the upcoming supplement, just a few details here and there, although the actual launch of the new Pre is not far away.

The small bits of information we have on Bowmar Nutrition’s 2020 version of Pre, start with the fact that it will indeed replace the current Pre. Unlike its predecessor, the pre-workout is not going to feature the common performance and endurance ingredient beta-alanine, so as far as we know, fans won’t be getting that pins and needles side effect on this one.

The last detail we know is that Bowmar Nutrition is switching up the serving style for its all-new Pre. Instead of featuring 30 full-servings per tub, the upcoming supplement will have 20, or 40 half servings. The product is going to be cheaper per bottle at $37.99, however that does still work out to be slightly more expensive per serving by about 15%.

As mentioned, Bowmar Nutrition’s mysterious, revamped Pre is set to release very soon; in fact, it is dropping in exactly ten days on Friday of next week. As per usual, the brand’s website will be the place to go to get your hands on the product, with full details on its formula due to be shared sometime between now and then.