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Super Treat from Cloud10 now comes in a 50g snack size with 10g of protein

cloud10 snack size super treat

If you ever felt you wanted one of Enlightened’s Cloud10 crispy marshmallow Super Treats, but didn’t want an entire one, the brand now has you covered. The functional company has just released a smaller version of its high protein Super Treat that has all of the same ingredients and balance of macros, but is two-thirds the size.

Cloud10’s snack-size Super Treat tips the scales at 50g per piece, compared to the full-size at 75g. As mentioned, it is exactly two-thirds of the original, and appropriately comes with two-thirds of the nutrition. Each of the 50g Super Treats packs 10g of protein, 4 to 6g of fat, 28 to 29g of carbohydrates, 9g of sugar, and 190 to 200 calories.

The miniature Cloud10 Super Treat is available for purchase in all three of the product’s flavors with Original, Double Chocolate, and Birthday Cake. The snack-size comes in boxes of ten, just like the full-size version, and over at it’ll cost you $19.99.