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Black Market’s more complex Guerrilla Nine will have an EAA-based formula

guerrilla nine

A lot more information has surfaced on the more complex one of Black Market’s two upcoming Guerrilla brand supplements, with Guerrilla Nine. Previously all we knew about the product was that it’s formulated to help with muscle recovery and repair, and speculated that it is going to feature all nine essential amino acids to provide those benefits.

We can now confirm, Black Market’s Guerrilla Nine will indeed be a full-spectrum EAA supplement. The original underground brand has packed the product with the Amino9 blend from Compound Solutions; however, we don’t know its exact dosage just yet. As mentioned, Guerrilla Nine is a complex amino formula and does have more to it than Amino9.

Alongside the EAAs, Black Market has thrown in two premium, branded features with the multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha and Aquamin minerals. Much like the Amino9 blend, we don’t know the exact dosages the brand is going with for any of those, although it has said KSM-66 will be at a clinical amount, which typically means 600mg per serve.

We’re still unsure as to when Black Market plans to launch its recovery-focused Guerrilla brand and its first two supplements, Guerrilla Nine and Guerrilla Base, but it does sound soon. With a description of the main ingredients in Guerrilla Nine now available, we wouldn’t be surprised if either or both become available within the next few weeks.