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Dragon Pharma revamps Mr. Veinz as a more balanced mix of pumps and focus

dgraon pharma mr veinz

Dragon Pharma has revealed and released the all-new version of its low-stimulant pre-workout Mr. Veinz, which is now a completely stimulant-free supplement. That actually isn’t the only change the brand has made to the product; it also now comes with a slightly new direction regarding benefits, delivering a balanced mix of enhanced pumps and focus.

The revamped, 2020 edition of Dragon Pharma’s Mr. Veinz features eight main ingredients, four for improving mental focus and cognition, and three for maximizing muscle pumps while you work out. The eighth ingredient in the stimulant-free pre-workout is AstraGin, dosed at 50mg per serving, and included to improve the uptake of the new Mr. Veinz formula.

You can see the complete combination of ingredients in Dragon Pharma’s latest reformulation in the image above. On the focus side of things, you get half a gram of tyrosine, 300mg of the still relatively new NooGhanda, 200mg of alpinia galanga, and 400mg of lion’s mane. Then for the increased pumps, there is 2g of HydroMax, 50mg of S7, and 1.5g of Nitrosigine.

dgraon pharma mr veinz

Dragon’s Pharma new Mr. Veinz can be stacked with its regular pre-workout Venom, which includes an intense mix of stimulants. The stacking of the supplements should provide even better pumps and focus, and you’ll get a strong hit of energy thanks to the stimulants that come in Venom with 475mg of caffeine, 2.8mg of yohimbine, and 250mg of eria jarensis.

The revamped, pump and focus boosting Mr. Veinz is due to be available starting today through Dragon Pharma’s online store for the same price as Venom at $49.99 for a tub of 20 full servings. When it comes to flavor options, the hybrid pre-workout has three to choose from with Apple Juice, Strawberry Candy, and a traditional Watermelon.