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DNS infuses its latest protein with vitamins and gives it a separate isolate option

dns whey protein vitamin

DNS out in Japan has introduced a new type of protein this month, which is a category it already competes in quite heavily with various powders, meal replacements, beverages, and foods. ‘Whey Protein Vitamin’ is the brand’s latest innovation that takes a regular whey-based protein formula and combines it with a variety of vitamins.

The newest DNS supplement provides 21g of protein per serving, a little more than 4g of carbohydrates, and 2g or less fat depending on the flavor. As mentioned, the point of difference with Whey Protein Vitamin is that it’s infused with vitamins, of which DNS has thrown in vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, B12, and niacin for general health and wellness.

There are three flavors to choose from for DNS Whey Protein Vitamin starting with Milk Chocolate and Strawberry that come in 400g and 880g bags. The third flavor is actually a little bit different with a ‘Clear’ version that is orange-flavored and features a leaner nutrition profile due to being made with whey isolate, unlike the other two.

Whey Protein Vitamin Clear is available directly from DNS at a higher price per serving compared to the regular option at ¥4,968 (47.70 USD) for a 600g bag. As for the price on the non-whey isolate Whey Protein Vitamin, the 400g bag is ¥2,268 (21.77 USD), and the more than twice as large 880g size is ¥4,212 (40.43 USD).