FaZeberry to be the first flavor available for the G Fuel powder, drink and Hydration

fazeberry g fuel hydration

Last year Gamma Labs overhauled its electrolyte infused G Fuel spin-off G Fuel Hydration, making a few changes to its formula and revamping its four original flavors. In the next couple of weeks, that product is going to be getting what is really its first new flavor since it initially hit the market almost two years ago back in mid-2018.

The new addition on the way for G Fuel Hydration is actually an option Gamma Labs fans will recognize from the regular G Fuel gaming supplement. The long-running FaZeberry is the flavor coming soon to the hydration version of G Fuel, which will make it the brand’s first flavor to be available for the G Fuel powder, drink, and G Fuel Hydration.

Gamma Labs has confirmed the FaZeberry G Fuel Hydration will be live and available for purchase in exactly 11 days on Wednesday the 18th of this month.

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