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Fans of Fireball Labz get an actual flavor for the brand’s basic Glu-Ta-Min

fireball labz fruit punch glut-a-min

Cre-A-Tin and Glu-Ta-Min are Fireball Labz basic, single-ingredient supplements featuring, of course, creatine monohydrate and glutamine. Both of the products hit the market last year with the same amount of servings per tub at 60, and both in the same flavor or lack-thereof with a simple, neutral, Unflavored option.

Fans of the UK-based Fireball Labz can now purchase Glu-Ta-Min in an actual flavor, as it has just had a classic Fruit Punch option added to its previously lonely menu. It is worth mentioning; the brand has only introduced the flavor for Glu-Ta-Min, not Cre-A-Tin, which is still only available in its original Unflavored powder.

Fireball Labz Fruit Punch Glu-Ta-Min is now available for purchase from its website for the same price as the Unflavored Glu-Ta-Min at $14.99 per tub.

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