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LifeAid’s focus boosting beverage FocusAid gets a zero sugar version

focusaid zero sugar

FocusAid is an energy drink from the functional beverage company LifeAid, that is infused with additional ingredients to also boost mental focus. It features acetyl-l-carnitine, ginseng, a variety of vitamins, rhodiola, GABA, the commonly used nootropic alpha-GPC, and a reasonably solid dose of natural caffeine at 100mg per can.

LifeAid’s original FocusAid does include 11g of carbohydrates with 9g of that sugar, giving it a total of 45 calories. This week, the company has introduced FocusAid Zero Sugar that comes with all of the same active ingredients, but no sugar. Instead of 11g of carbs, the alternate version has just one gram and significantly fewer calories at 5.

FocusAid Zero Sugar is only LifeAid’s third beverage in its Zero Sugar Series with the other two being no sugar spin-offs of FitAid Recover and FitAid RX Recover. You can grab the new product from LifeAid’s online store, where two cases of 12 cans are available at $29.88 each or $26.89 if you want to jump on its monthly subscription option.

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