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Genius is getting in on the collagen trend with a three-ingredient formula

genius collagen

The Genius Brand has always been pretty good at putting together supplements for trends, specific purposes, and select categories. Genius Collagen is the next product from the white and orange brand that sees it get in on the growing collagen space, although by the sounds of things, it won’t be featuring collagen all by itself.

The upcoming Genius Collagen from the Genius Brand is a supplement formulated to support healthy hair, skin, and nails, as well as enhance inflammation response. An unknown amount of collagen is going to be one of the ingredients in the product to provide those benefits, alongside two others that have yet to be confirmed.

Like a lot of other collagen powered products, Genius Collagen will be hitting the market sometime soon in unflavored powder form, making it easier to stack and mix in with shakes and smoothies.

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