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Glaxon aims to help with weight loss and focus in its all-new Thermal

glaxon thermal

Thermal is the newest supplement from the trending and fast-growing Glaxon that falls into the always competitive weight loss category. Fans of the very new brand, will be aware that Glaxon does already have a fat burner on the market with the capsule formula Slyce, Thermal however, sets itself apart by being flavored and stimulant-free.

While Glaxon Thermal doesn’t contain any stimulants to increase energy, like most competitors in the weight loss market, it does still promise a solid set of benefits. The brand has packed the product with four main ingredients to help burn and oxidize fat, and to provide something on the sensory front, it aims to enhance mental focus.

glaxon thermal

Most of the ingredients Glaxon has thrown into Thermal are premium, branded compounds. As mentioned, it has four ingredients in total, with 1.1g of carnitine tartrate being the only non-branded feature. The others are half a gram of MitoBurn, 250mg of the patented and proven InnoSlim, and lastly 675mg of VitaCholine for the focus effect.

You can now pre-order Glaxon’s Thermal from its website for the same price as its original stimulant weight loss supplement Slyce at $49.99 for a bottle of 21 servings. Anyone that gets in on the brand’s pre-order will have their Thermal shipped in less than one week, with Glaxon aiming to have it out sometime March 9th and 16th.