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PharmaFreak Giveaway: 12 lucky pairs of people to win a tub of Greens Freak each

greens freak giveaway

We’ve teamed up with PharmaFreak this week for a giveaway of its superfood supplement Greens Freak, and this one is actually quite a large, long-running competition. We’re going to be doing this Greens Freak giveaway for the next four weeks, where every week, we’ll announce three pairs of winners, with each individual getting a tub of the product.

The way it’s going to work is, head over to our Instagram page, find our Greens Freak post, then follow the steps in the caption, especially the part about tagging a friend. We’ll be picking three people at the end of every week for the next four weeks, and they will each win as well as the friend that they tagged, a full tub of Greens Freak in their choice of flavor.

As mentioned, our Greens Freak giveaway is going to be running for four weeks, giving you plenty of time to enter, with three pairs of winners set to be announced at the end of each week. We’ll reply to the winners’ comments on our Instagram post, who will then need to direct message us their shipping details.

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