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Creative apparel company Flex Comics puts out a call for help to save its business

Because of the cancellation of many major events and expos due to COVID-19, several businesses have been affected in a variety of different ways. This year’s Arnold Expo was one of those events within the fitness industry to be canceled, and it took its toll on a lot of companies, one of those being Flex Comics and all of its spin-off brands.

Flex Comics is a unique company that brings together pop culture and fitness into creative and entertaining tees, several of which have been featured here at Stack3d. The brand is now asking for help as the cancellation of the Arnold Expo hurt its business, due to the fact that over 60% of its revenue comes from expos and it had a lot invested in it.

The Emerald City Comic Con held at the Washington State Convention Center just postponed its big event as well, which is another expo the brand was set to attend. Expenses such as inventory, freight, event fees, accommodation, and airfares are non-refundable, and for a home-run company like Flex Comics, they quickly add up.

As mentioned, Flex Comics is now asking fans for help to support its business in these trying times. There are several ways you can show support, the simplest being to purchase any of its apparel, whether it be through Flex Comics, TuffnTiny, Bro Tank Club, or High Reps. The team has also set up a GoFundMe page for direct donations.

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