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Iron Brothers shares the first look at its new pre-workout for its third anniversary

iron brothers ruthless pre-workout

Iron Brothers recently announced that for its three-year anniversary, it is coming out with an exciting new supplement that we now know a lot more about. Previously all the brand had said was that it’s coming out with a pre-workout, which we can now confirm is titled ‘Ruthless’, and as you’d expect from Iron Brothers, is formulated for an intense combination of benefits.

Other new details outside of the name of the reputable brand’s Ruthless pre-workout are that it features ingredients for increased energy, enhanced pumps, and improved focus. It will have a reasonably heavy 17.4g full serving size, which looks to be made up of 11 or 12 fully transparent ingredients, including citrulline malate, beta-alanine, and pomegranate.

More details are likely to be along soon, as mentioned, Iron Brothers is planning to launch its new Ruthless pre-workout alongside its third anniversary. That celebration is taking place next month, so definitely stay tuned for more information on the product, including what we suspect to be a packed out formula based on how well-dosed the brand’s past releases have been.