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MAN gives its upcoming Galaxy Candy Scorch an eye-catching label design

man sports galaxy candy scorch

MAN Sports has done several creative flavors over the years; in fact, it was the first to do candy-themed flavors with its original Sour Batch ISO-Amino. Our Brand Of The Year winner for 2016, has now confirmed a unique variant of its powder fat burner Scorch that is bringing a bit more than just a new flavor experience.

The name of MAN Sports’ upcoming Scorch flavor is Galaxy Candy, which looks like it’s going to be a Starburst-inspired taste. What makes this one a bit more than just another flavor of the supplement is the brand is giving it a completely alternative label design themed around the name with a pink and purple galaxy background.

In pictures, the Galaxy Candy Scorch certainly pops a lot more than the weight loss product’s regular flavors, so we imagine it looks even better in person. For now, all we know is the supplement is coming soon, with no set date, although, as confirmed earlier today, fans also have the restock of ProPF3 to be excited about.

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