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MAN keeps the formula comprehensive for its 2020 version of Lean PhD

man sports lean phd

Lean PhD is a stimulant weight loss supplement launched by MAN Sports almost half a decade ago, that has since been discontinued. The original product proved to be one of the most effective fat burning formulas at the time, in fact, we had it ranked on our list of top five weight loss supplements due to its strong balance of energy, focus, and results.

Last year MAN Sports announced that Lean PhD would be making a return in the near future, and now it appears to be closer than ever. The 2020 version of the fat burner is set to hit the market in the coming weeks or months, and in the lead up to that, the brand has revealed the formula behind the long-awaited return of Lean PhD.

Much like the original, MAN Sports latest Lean PhD features a solid set of ingredients for increased energy, improved mental focus, and enhanced mood. Each four capsule serving of the product packs 300mg of Naturo99 natural caffeine for energy, 100mg of the branded focus ingredient NeuroFactor, a light 25mg of TeaCrine, and 200mg of Advantra Z.

man sports lean phd

MAN Sports has, of course, included several other compounds in its new Lean PhD such as 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha for stress, anxiety, and cortisol support. For help on the weight loss side of things, there is a gram of carnitine tartrate, and for water loss and bloating, the brand has thrown in dandelion root, juniper berry, and uva ursi.

You can see the full formula MAN Sports has brought together for its 2020 edition of Lean PhD in its fully transparent facts panel above. Once again, the fat burning supplement is due to launch within the next few weeks or months, with the brand’s online store at going to be the first place stocking the product.