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Myprotein comes through for Easter with Impact Whey flavors and a gooey filled treat

myprotein gooey filled egg

When it comes to special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, and this time around Easter, Myprotein almost always goes all out, celebrating with the release of several new products. This year for Easter, the UK-based brand, once again, put in a good amount of effort with three special edition items for the occasion, which is now less than two weeks away.

The first two products Myprotein has put together for Easter are flavors of its flagship protein powder, Impact Whey Protein. Both of them are, of course, Easter-themed with Chocolate Bunny and Creamy Chocolate. They come with the usual Impact Whey Protein formula providing 21g of protein, all from whey concentrate, and a calorie count of about 103.

chocolate bunny impact whey protein

The other item Myprotein has launched for Easter is the slightly more creative ‘Gooey Filled Egg’, with a gooey protein spread filled chocolate egg. It features a sweet chocolate outer layer with milk and white chocolate-flavored spread on the inside, packing 10g of protein per egg, an equal 10g of carbohydrates with 6.8g of that sugar, 13g of fat, and 194 calories.

As far as alternative Easter treats go, Myprotein’s Gooey Filled Egg is not too bad. Typically Easter products from supplement brands are moderately high in protein but still come with a lot of carbohydrates and fat. While Myprotein’s effort isn’t as lean as a traditional protein bar, 10g of protein at 194 calories is reasonable, especially when the item looks as tasty as this one.

myprotein easter hamper box

As you’d expect, Myprotein’s Chocolate Bunny and Creamy Chocolate Impact Whey Protein, and its Gooey Filled Egg, are all limited edition products. You can grab them now from with the Impact Whey Protein flavors at £12.99 (16.09 USD) for a 500g bag and £19.99 (24.77 USD) for a 1kg, and the delicious looking Gooey Filled Egg at £1.99 (2.47 USD) each.

Through Myprotein’s main website, there is also the Easter Hamper Box, which comes loaded with treats and snacks. The bundle will cost you £19.99 and comes with your choice of Easter edition flavor of Impact Whey Protein, a Gooey Filled Egg, and nine other items, including the brand’s Carb Crusher Protein Bar and tasty Break Bar.