Mediterranean-inspired Limón Del Sol is NOCCO’s 5th consecutive summer flavor

Mar 25th, 2020
nocco limon del sol energy drink

NOCCO has unveiled a limited-edition summer flavor for the fifth year in a row, for its flagship functional beverage combining vitamins, BCAAs, and caffeine for energy. The Swedish brand’s special summer flavors started back in 2016 with Tropical and have evolved into alternatively branded products with entire can designs themed around the flavors.

The latest from NOCCO, and as mentioned, its fifth consecutive limited-edition flavor for summer, is Limón Del Sol, inspired by the warm Mediterranean coast and featuring a sweet citrus taste. Just like the brand’s last few summer creations, this one extends its theme into the branding of its can with a colorful, relaxing, and holiday-like design.

NOCCO’s Limón Del Sol flavor comes with its usual BCAA infused energy drink formula, including 3g of BCAAs, six different vitamins, zero sugar, and 180mg of caffeine for energy. The product looks like it’ll be available in stores and online soon, with the brand’s home country of Sweden expected to be the first place fans will see it on shelves.

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