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Performa creates a series of shakers to show thanks to those on the frontline

performa thank you frontline shaker

To show its thanks and gratitude for the hard-working heroes on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, Performa has put together a special series of shakers along with an offer. The brand has produced three bottles, two saying a huge ‘Thank You’ to Frontline Essential Services, while the third is a little more light-hearted with a toilet paper theme.

All three of Performa’s new products are available at a special price of $14.99, with the special part being that you get any two for that price, so it works out to $7.50 each. The idea the brand is pushing with the release is that you buy one and give one as a way of showing thanks to anyone in your life, whether it be now or later for those on lockdown.

You can grab your Performa shakers through the brand’s online store at, where you simply add any of the bottles to your cart, and you’ll be asked to select a second one for free.

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