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PhD expands its simple side with unflavored beta-alanine and arginine AKG

phd nutrition beta alanine arginine

PhD Nutrition is welcoming two all-new, single-ingredient supplements to its lineup this week, both of which come in straightforward tubs of unflavored powder. The two items also confirm their one and only ingredients right in their names with ‘Beta Alanine’ featuring, of course, the performance booster beta-alanine, and ‘Arginine’, which is arginine AKG.

The PhD Nutrition products come with 500g of powder in each, which can be broken down to your preferred serving size, or you can use the single-serving scoops included inside. Both Beta Alanine and Arginine provide 3g of their respective ingredient per scoop, although the brand directs users to have half a scoop for Beta Alanine and one third of a scoop for Arginine.

Much like the size of their tubs and scoops, PhD Nutrition’s newest single-ingredient supplements also share a price tag. Beta Alanine and Arginine will cost you the same £19.99 per tub when purchasing directly through the brand’s website, which now has both items in stock and available.