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Pre-order Baja Lime RAZE Energy at $2.50 each for four including shipping

pre-order baja lime raze energy

When REPP Sports created the first crowd-sourced RAZE Energy in Voodoo, we were impressed with how quickly the brand got the product on to shelves once the process finished. The team is showing off its organization skills once again and is now taking pre-orders for its second crowd-sourced RAZE Energy, which was announced last month in Baja Lime.

Starting this week, fans of the tasty, high energy, and zero-calorie energy drink can head to and secure themselves packs of the Baja Lime RAZE Energy for shipping later this month. The offer the beverage brand has put together is a four-can sample set of the new flavor, shipped, for an overall total of just $9.95, which works out to $2.50 each.

It is also worth noting that there some reports of the Baja Lime RAZE Energy drink already being available in GNC locations. We know it’s not all of them, but if you’d rather purchase the flavor in person, call up your local GNC and see if it has it in stock already.