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Predator keeps the macros quite lean for its entry into the mass gainer market

predator mass

The UK retailer Predator Nutrition is back this week, adding to its own line of supplements, introducing the lean gainer Predator Mass. Unlike most competitors in the category, the product is not overloaded with carbohydrates and calories. It is also made with a relatively simple set of ingredients, including fast and slow-digesting sources of protein.

Predator Nutrition’s all-new gainer provides 32g of protein per serve from a blend of whey concentrate and micellar casein, and 50g of carbohydrates from instant oats and maltodextrin. The fat in Predator Mass is much lower than the protein and carbs at 6.6g with 1.8g of that saturated fat, and the calorie count finishing things off at 393.

Predator Mass can, of course, be purchased from Predator Nutrition’s online store at a price of £39.98 (50.61 USD) in just the one Chocolate flavor option. The supplement also comes in only one size with a hefty 5kg tub packing 50 servings, which gives you plenty of room to scale up, as even if you take two servings at a time, you’ll get 25 shakes out of it.

To celebrate the launch of Predator Mass, Predator Nutrition is also running a sale, that won’t save you any money, but does come with a huge amount of freebies. For a limited time through the retailer’s website, the mass gainer is being bundled with a free bottle of Bulgarian tribulus capsules, a Predator branded 360 Shaker, liquid chalk, and lifting straps.