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Target gets a four-pack bag of Quest’s Tortilla Protein Chips at $2 per bag

quest tortilla style protein chips four pack bag

Outside of individual bags as well as boxes of eight, Quest Nutrition hasn’t had any other purchase options available for its tasty, Tortilla Style Protein Chips. That is, of course, until this week, as the popular and widely distributed functional company now offers its Tortilla Style protein snack in bags of four, which is right in between a single bag and a box of eight.

Quest Nutrition’s new bulk bag option for its Tortilla Style Protein Chips is available in three of the product’s four flavors with Chili Lime, Nacho Cheese, and Loaded Taco, leaving out Ranch. There is also only one place you can grab the brand’s new size, and that is the major supermarket chain Target, who has priced the bag of four better than the box at $7.99.

The bags of Quest Nutrition’s Tortilla Style Protein Chips that come in the four-pack set still feature the same ingredients, macros, and great taste. You can already grab the new option from Target stores, and through its website, where as mentioned, the bulk bag works out to $2 each.

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