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Chili Mango flavor coming later this week for Rising Labs’ Overkill and Primitive

rising labs chili mango primitive

That 1 Leg Monster’s brand Rising Labs just brought back its loaded pre-workout Macabre for a second limited launch, however, it is not done with news and excitement for the month of March. This coming week the brand is looking to add another new flavor to the menus of its stimulant pre-workout Overkill and stackable pump pre-workout Primitive.

The new flavor Rising Labs has put together is the same for both Overkill and Primitive, with a relatively unique spin on a classic mango creation in Chili Mango. The fact that it’s the same taste for both supplements is fitting, as they can be used together for the ultimate pre-workout due to Overkill being stimulant powered and Primitive stimulant-free.

As mentioned, That 1 Leg Monster and Rising Labs’ new Chili Mango Overkill and Primitive will be available to order through, where either product costs you $41.99 per tub.