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Single-serve sachets are also on the way for Skinny Food Co’s Skinny Syrup

skinny syrup single serve sachets

Last month The Skinny Food Co announced a creative new format of its tasty, zero to low-calorie Skinny Sauce with single-serve squeeze packs. We felt the idea was one of the most innovative we had seen regarding form factors for functional food in some time, mostly due to the wide range of applications and locations it could be sold.

The Skinny Food Co has now revealed that the convenient single-serve sachets won’t be stopping at Skinny Sauce. The UK-based brand is also planning to launch them for its zero-calorie Skinny Syrup. That product comes in a more indulgent selection of flavors, including sweet options like Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Candy Floss, and Marshmallow.

So far, The Skinny Food Co has only previewed its single-serve squeeze packs in two of its many Skinny Syrup flavors with the breakfast type tastes, Maple Syrup and Golden Syrup. Both the Skinny Sauce and Skinny Syrup packets are due to launch sometime soon, and will be available to order through the brand’s online store.