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Superfood infused spin-off of X50’s functional Revolver Coffee coming soon

x50 revolver coffee boxes and superfood version

X50 Revolver is a functional coffee supplement from X50 that takes 5g each of hydrolyzed collagen and MCT oil and combines it with instant coffee. The result is a keto-friendly product providing fuel for your body and mind, with two flavors to choose from in Original, and Hazelnut Mocha that released about seven months after X50 Revolver.

The Australian company has now announced a more convenient size option of its two X50 Revolver flavors with boxes of ten, single-serving sachets. The format is something fans of the popular brand will certainly be familiar with, as its flagship product, X50 Green Tea, has been available in a similar style since it initially hit the market.

x50 revolver coffee boxes and superfood version

Along with the news of single-serve sachets of X50 Revolver, the brand has confirmed it has a spin-off of the product on the way as well. Much like the original, the upcoming release is made with instant coffee and MCTs, but instead of collagen, it comes with superfoods. It’s a creative way for X50 to get in on the superfood market, which has seen a lot of newcomers jump in and compete over the past few months.