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Immune Cocktail gives fans of AML a dedicated immune support supplement

advanced molecular labs immune cocktail

Advanced Molecular Labs, better known as AML, is the latest brand to come out with a dedicated immune support supplement that continues its ‘Cocktail’ naming theme with ‘Immune Cocktail’. AML has taken a more well-rounded and comprehensive approach with its competitor, bringing together quite a variety of ingredients, all for immune health.

Immune Cocktail features a handful of vitamins and minerals, including 50mg of zinc, 2,000iu of vitamin D, and of course, vitamin C, at a hefty dose of 2g per serve. The brand has also thrown in 1.8g of n-acetyl-cysteine, 100mg each of blueberry and elderberry extract, 100mg each of grape seed and grape skin extract, and half a gram of quercetin.

advanced molecular labs immune cocktail

AML has wrapped up the strong selection of ingredients in Immune Cocktail into a berry-flavored powder called Berry Power Punch. The immune support and strengthening supplement comes with the usual 30 servings per tub to get you through an entire month, and is available now through the brand’s direct-to-consumer online store at $39.99.