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American Metabolix puts together a vitamin C-based formula for immune support

american metabolix super-c

The team at American Metabolix is the latest in a string of supplement companies to release a new product for immune support with the relatively straightforward Super-C. The supplement does of course feature vitamin C at a hefty amount of 1.36g in each of its 90 servings per bottle, with a few other ingredients alongside that.

In combination with vitamin C, American Metbaolix Super-C has vitamin D3 at 62.5mcg, 10mg of zinc, and 40mg of calcium, all to support and strengthen your immune system. The brand directs users to take just the one serving per day, so if you follow as directed, Super-C will last you a good amount of time at around three months.

Super-C is now available through the American Metabolix website, although being a three months supply supplement, it is somewhat expensive sitting at $44.99 per bottle.