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Immune support spin-off of Animal Pak exclusive and free to frontline workers

animal pak immune

Animal Immune Pak is a spin-off of the legacy brand Animal’s classic multivitamin supplement, Animal Pak. As per the name, it is a product that focuses primarily on supporting and strengthening your immune system, whereas the original is a more comprehensive health formula. The supplement is currently only available to those on the frontline, and it’s completely free.

The new Animal Immune Pak can be requested for free through the company’s website, by all medical professionals and first responders. If that includes you and you’d like a free bottle of Animal’s immune health product, visit this link here and complete the form. There is also a box to throw in your email and be notified as soon as Animal Immune Pak launches for the general public.

animal pak immune

When Animal’s first-ever immune support supplement does eventually becomes available to everyone, it’ll have a price of $25.95 for a full 30 days supply. As for the formula behind Animal Immune Pak, it comes with typical ingredients such as zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C, as well as some slightly less common features in ashwagandha, olive leaf, ginger root, and turmeric.