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AstroFlav aims for energy, thermo and more with its stimulant-heavy Tempo

astroflavo tempo

AstroFlav has shared the full formula behind its second fat burner ‘Tempo’, that separates itself from the brand’s original weight loss competitor Drip, by being stimulant-based. AstroFlav has also made Tempo available for pre-order through its website, where you can secure yourself a 30 serving bottle at $59.95 for shipping on the 20th.

As mentioned, AstroFlav’s Tempo is a stimulant fueled fat burning supplement, and it does indeed come with a good amount of stimulants. A single two-capsule serving of the product features a strong 400mg of caffeine to increase energy, with 350mg of that being regular caffeine anhydrous, and the rest, Infinergy dicaffeine malate.

astroflavo tempo

All of the other ingredients packed into AstroFlav’s second weight loss supplement are wrapped up in a non-transparent blend, dosed at 617.5mg per serving. That blend includes the likes of tyrosine, the reputable stimulant eria jarensis, white willow, GBB, theobroma, alpha yohimbine, and the branded features Capsiatra and Advantra Z.

As you’d expect with that strong set of stimulants in there, AstroFlav is aiming to deliver increased energy and focus with Tempo, as well as enhanced thermogenesis and metabolism. Once again, you can now pre-order the product through the brand’s website, with orders shipping out in exactly two weeks from today on April 20th.