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Black Market mixes EAAs and electrolytes for its more basic Guerrilla product

black market guerrilla base

The full formula behind the simpler Guerrilla Base from Black Market’s Guerrilla recovery line, has been revealed. While it may not be as complex as the ashwagandha enhanced Guerrilla Nine, it’s still fairly comprehensive. It comes with all nine essential amino acids, and like a lot of other aminos, it combines that with electrolytes for hydration.

The complete formula behind Black Market’s upcoming Guerrilla Base starts with the EAAs for muscle recovery and repair. The original underground brand has included them at 7g per serving, with 4.5g of that being BCAAs. Then alongside that, you have a blend of hydration supporting electrolytes and 50mg of AstraGin to enhance absorption.

black market guerrilla base

In typical Black Market style, its more straightforward EAA supplement Guerrilla Base, is going to have a variety of flavors when it eventually becomes available later this month. There will be your traditional tastes Blue Razz and Watermelon, as well as Strawberry Lemonade, with 30 serving tubs set to cost $29.99 through the brand’s website.