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Boneafide now taking pre-orders for its comprehensive superfood competitor

boneafide greens

The growing Boneafide Nutrition has entered the superfood supplement category this week and with a very comprehensive competitor. Despite its name being simply ‘Boneafide Greens’, it features a lot more than just greens. It brings together a combination of ingredients to support energy levels, immune system, digestion, brain function, hair and skin, and overall health.

Currently, Boneafide Greens is only available for pre-order, and to celebrate the imminent arrival, Boneafide Nutrition is offering 20% off its regular price of $49.99. If you take advantage of the pre-order, that cost drops all the way down to $39.99, and with the brand expecting to sell out of this one quite quickly, it has set a limit of two full 30 serving tubs per customer.

boneafide greens

As for what’s in Boneafide Greens, as mentioned, Boneafide Nutrition has done a great job and packed this one full of ingredients. On the superfood side of the supplement, you get 6.5g made up of spirulina, kale, moringa, and chlorella. Alongside that is a mushroom complex with 675mg each of reishi and cordyceps, and 250mg of lion’s mane, and an organ supporting blend of beetroot, milk thistle, and lycopene.

To round out Boneafide Greens and make it even more complete, the brand has thrown in a group of ingredients for digestion and gut health with the enzymes papain and papaya, and five billion CFU of probiotics. Once again, you can pre-order the supplement now through Boneafide Nutrition’s website with 30 servings per tub in the one Green Apple flavor.