Bowmar’s releases a Blueberry flavor for its sweeter Protein Puff Cereal

Apr 3rd, 2020
bowmar blueberry protein puffs

The ever-popular Bowmar Nutrition is back this week with an all-new flavor for its Protein Puff Cereal, not to be confused with its original Protein Puffs. The difference between the two, at least from what we can tell, is the Puff Cereal comes in sweet flavors while the Puffs come in salty, although tastes aside, their macros are essentially identical.

The new addition to Bowmar’s Protein Puff Cereal is Blueberry, which joins the product’s only other option of Peanut Butter. The product does have the same amount of protein at 22g per serving; however it is slightly higher in calories at 130 as opposed to 125. That is due to the carbohydrates being marginally higher by a gram at 3g instead of 2g.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Blueberry Protein Puff Cereal became available earlier today through the brand’s website, with a large, ten serving 300g container costing you $22.99.