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Bowmar’s recently released Pre 2.0 and Sharp are getting one new flavor each

bowmar green apple sharp strawberry pineapple pre

The revamped Pre 2.0 and Sharp, are Bowmar Nutrition’s most recent supplement releases with the former coming just last week and the latter exactly two weeks before that. While those two products are still very new, the always exciting brand is adding one more flavor to each of their menus in a few days on Friday of this week.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Pre 2.0 released in a relatively solid selection with two tastes to choose from and one Stim-Free, whereas Sharp currently comes in just one flavor, so the new addition will be much appreciated. Coming to the brand’s revamped pre-workout is a classic Green Apple, with the focus enhancing Sharp getting Strawberry Pineapple.

Once again, Bowmar Nutrition’s all-new Green Apple Pre 2.0 and Strawberry Pineapple Sharp are going to be available this Friday at 12PM Eastern Time. The prices on the releases will, of course, be the same as each supplement’s other flavors with Pre 2.0 at $37.99 for a 20 full-serving tub and $44.99 for Sharp packing 30 servings.