Bowmar does a lot more than drop the stimulants for its stim-free pre-workout

Apr 12th, 2020
bowmar nutrition stim free pre

As promised, Bowmar Nutrition launched its revamped pre-workout supplement ‘Pre’ this past Friday, featuring several notable changes to its formula. The growing brand switched to pure citrulline, introduced the new pump enhancer CitraPeak, dropped the performance ingredient beta-alanine, and lowered the caffeine to 250mg per full-serving.

Alongside the release of its fresh new pre-workout, Bowmar Nutrition also dropped a stimulant-free version of the product, where the brand has done a lot more than simply remove the stimulants. Bowmar Nutrition’s Stim-Free Pre carries over a lot of the main ingredients from the regular version without the stimulants, plus a few additions and increased dosages.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Stim-Free Pre comes with slightly less citrulline than the stimulant Pre at 5g per serving instead 6g, as well as the same amount of betaine, green tea, and the all-new CitraPeak. The consistent ingredients with higher dosages include taurine at twice the amount in 4g, and tyrosine to improve mental focus, with 33% more at 2g,

bowmar nutrition stim free pre

As mentioned, there are some new ingredients in the mix with the Stim-Free Pre as well, in place of all of the stimulants that have been removed. Bowmar Nutrition has added in 100mg of citrus aurantium, a solid 300mg of the premium and multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha, and a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine.

Bowmar Nutrition essentially aims to provide a well-rounded workout with Stim-Free Pre, like the regular Pre, but of course, without stimulants, you won’t get that usual energy kick. The supplement is available now through the brand’s website alongside the stimulant pre-workout for the same price of $37.99 for a 20 full-serving tub in the one Lemonade flavor.