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Not4Pussy brand’s fat burner PussyCapz is back and with a fresh new formula

bps pharma pussycapz 2

The hardcore brand BPS Pharma, the one behind the Not4Pussy line of pre-workouts, has finally launched the revamped version of its weight loss supplement PussyCapz. The German company initially announced the return of the fat-burning product all the way back in January, and now just this month, it has completely revealed and released PussyCapz 2.0.

BPS Pharma has actually brought together a fairly balanced combination of ingredients for its newest weight loss competitor that doesn’t lean too much on the stimulant side of things as we see with its pre-workouts. The PussyCapz 2.0 formula comes with ingredients to increase energy and mental function as well as enhance metabolism, fat oxidation, and overall fat loss.

bps pharma pussycapz 2

You can see all of the features BPS Pharma has combined in its latest fat burning supplement in the facts panel above, including 100mg of caffeine per serving, 200mg of DMAE, and black and white tea. The brand has also thrown in the common weight loss ingredients green coffee bean and coleus forskohlii, as well as maca, which we’re more used to seeing in testosterone boosters.

One of the first places you can purchase BPS Pharma’s PussyCapz 2.0 is its recently revamped and now much more efficient online store over at Directly from the brand, the product will cost you €38.90 (42.53 USD) for a full-size 30 serving bottle, and if you buy two, you’ll qualify for free shipping within Germany.