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Clean Drink and Rscued release an energy drink made with rescued fruit juice

clean drink rscued

The functional beverage brand Clean Drink has partnered with its fellow Swedish company and environmentally friendly, Rscued. The pair have come together to create a vitamin-infused energy drink named Clean Drink Rscued. While it may not have BCAAs like Clean Drink’s flagship product, it does have its own unique twist, which is where Rscued comes in.

Rscued is actually a company that takes fruits and vegetables that are thrown out and typically go to waste, and turns them into things like ‘rescued’ juices and smoothies. That is the key difference with Clean Drink Rscued, as not only does it come with 105mg of natural caffeine for on-the-go energy and vitamins, but each flavor is made with real rescued fruit juices.

Clean Drink Rscued comes in three flavors with Apple, Lemon Lime, and Strawberry with a completely vegan-friendly formula and only 16 calories per can. Major sport and nutrition retailers in Sweden, such as Proteinbolaget, are already stocking the rescued energy drink at 30SEK (2.97 USD) per can, or there is the bulk option of 429SEK (42.40 USD) for a case of 24.