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Core’s first superfood formula combines greens, probiotics, enzymes and more

core greens

With Core Nutritionals’ first-ever superfood supplement Core Greens due to launch in just over two weeks on Monday the 20th of this month, the full formula behind the product has dropped. As suspected and like with most of the supplements that come out of the brand, Core Greens is indeed loaded with a wide variety of well-dosed ingredients.

In the area of greens, Core Greens packs one gram each of barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, and wheat grass powder, and a solid 2g of the TruServ greens blend of kale, broccoli, and spinach. The premium Spectra fruits and greens blend is also in the mix at an amount of 100mg per serving as well as 2.4g of the prebiotic fiber psyllium husk.

While all of the above is plenty to make Core Nutritionals’ superfood product, a solid competitor, its list of ingredients does not end there. On top of the fruits, greens, and fiber is a 100mg blend of enzymes to help with digestion, a probiotic blend with a strong five billion CFU, and a handful of vitamins and minerals all dosed at 100% of their daily recommended value.

core greens

Being one of the most exciting brands of 2020, it’s exciting to see Core Nutritionals continue its momentum with Core Greens even with everything going on in the world. While the supplement does look good on paper, it’ll be interesting to see how good Greens tastes, although the brand is promising a great experience for both its chocolate and berry flavors.

Once again, Core Nutritionals plans on releasing Core Greens on Monday the 20th of this month, through its online store over at The well put together product is going to launch with a special introductory deal, so it’ll be worth grabbing the brand’s first-ever superfood supplement when it first becomes available.