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Vitamin C and PeakO2 powered immune formula on the way from Black Market

black market rescuec

While Black Market only just dropped its recovery line and its two EAA supplements Guerrilla Base and Guerrilla Nine, details have already come in on another new item from the underground brand. Much like the Guerrilla products, the next release from Black Market is not going to be a pre-workout like we’re used to seeing from the team.

‘RescueC’ is Black Market’s upcoming supplement, formulated to support and strengthen your immune system. At the moment, we have no idea what the product will look like or what kind of dosages we’re in for. We can, however, confirm all of the main ingredients in RescueC, starting with the most common immune health ingredient vitamin C.

Alongside vitamin C, Black Market’s RescueC is going to feature zinc, taurine, vitamin D3, a B vitamin blend, sodium bicarbonate, and the amino acid lysine. The original underground brand is also putting the PeakO2 blend into the supplement for the health benefits from its various mushrooms, not the performance effect it is typically promoted for.

We’re not too sure when Black Market plans to take on the immune health market with RecuseC, or even if it’ll be a pill or powder product, only that it is coming soon. As mentioned though, the brand did just drop two entirely new supplements under its recovery-based Guerrilla collection, so it does already have a bit on its plate.