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DNS enters the joint category with 3Way Care featuring three main ingredinets

dns 3way care

3Way Care is the latest supplement from the Japanese brand DNS which is formulated to support joint function and overall joint health. As per the name of the product, the brand has brought together three joint support ingredients to get the job done, including a premium, branded ingredient that has only just recently become available in Japan.

Each two-tablet serving of the new DNS 3Way Care comes with 200mg each of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA and the omega-6 fatty acid GLA. The third feature in the formula is where the premium ingredient comes in with 5-Loxin boswellia serrata extract. The brand has dosed 5-Loxin at 150mg and included it for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits.

The joint health formula 3Way Care is now out and available in Japan, including through the DNS website at the rather high price of ¥5,832 (54.35 USD) for a 30 serving bottle.