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Reformulated Venom still aims to deliver an intense all-around experience

dragon pharma venom

Later today, at 5PM Eastern Time, Dragon Pharma is launching its latest reformulated supplement with a new and improved version of its stimulant pre-workout Venom. The brand has made some notable changes to the product, dropping a few main ingredients; however, the aim of delivering an intense workout is still very much the goal.

Dragon Pharma has packed its 2020 edition of Venom with a variety of ingredients, including one to two each for enhanced muscle pumps, and improved performance and endurance. The supplement then has a handful of ingredients to deliver its intense energy and focus effects, shooting for an all-around, comprehensive experience.

In the area of performance and endurance, Dragon Pharma’s new Venom features beta-alanine, then for pumps, there are the branded ingredients Nitrosigine at 1.5g and 50mg of the S7 blend. The premium weight loss ingredient CaloriBurn GP grains of paradise is also in the mix at an amount of 30mg per full-serving.

dragon pharma venom

Rounding out the pre-workout’s fully transparent formula, which you can see in its entirety in the image above, is its strong combination of stimulants for that promised energy and focus. There is a solid 400mg of caffeine, 100mg each of theanine and Dynamine, 3mg of yohimbe, half a gram of tyrosine, and 50mcg of huperzine A.

Once again, Dragon Pharma plans on making its revamped pre-workout Venom available later today at 5PM Eastern Time through its own online store. The product is due to launch with a good amount of flavors to choose from at its original price of $49.99 and with the same serving split of 40 half servings or 20 full, per tub.