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ESN adds a sweet and salty new flavor to its Designer Bar Crunchy protein bar

esn salted caramel designer bar crunchy

The Designer Bar Crunchy is a protein-packed snack from the German brand ESN, that up until this week, came in just two flavor options with Coconut and Hazelnut Nougat. There is now a third taste to choose from for the protein bar that sounds like a tasty new addition to the product’s menu that is now available from the retailer Fitmart at €2.49 (2.71 USD) a bar.

The delicious new Designer Bar Crunchy creation from ESN is Salted Cararmel, which comes with a truly mouthwatering description. The protein bar features a salty caramel-flavored core filled with crispy protein pieces, all covered in sweet white chocolate. As great as that sounds, its nutrition profile is still quite lean, with a similar set of macros to your average protein bar.

An entire Salted Caramel Designer Bar Crunchy provides the usual 20g of protein with 19.8g of carbohydrates, just 1.5g of sugar, 9g of fat, and a total of 228 calories. As mentioned, you can already purchase the latest ESN product from its retail partner Fitmart individually at €2.49 or in boxes of 12 for €26.90 (29.27 USD).

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