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FlexTech brings together BCAAs, hydration and pumps for its first-ever amino

flextech amino af

South Africa’s FlexTech Nutrition has unveiled its third supplement, joining the recently released protein powder Whey So Lit and its original pre-workout, Flex Fury. The next target for the up and coming brand is the amino market with Amino AF, which does feature a good dose of aminos for recovery; however, that’s not all that’s in this one.

Taking care of the amino side of FlexTech Nutrition’s Amino AF are the three all-important BCAAs, dosed at 5g per serving. It is the ingredients the brand has alongside the BCAAs that make it a little bit different. FlexTech has also included half a gram of coconut water, and a gram each of taurine and GlycerSize glycerol to support better pumps.

flextech amino af

There is one other feature in FlexTech Nutrition’s upcoming Amino AF to help bring up everything else in the formula, and that is AstraGin at 50mg, to improve absorption. The supplement is due to be out and available in all of the brand’s usual stores and stockists in South Africa soon in a Pineapple Rush flavor with 30 servings per tub.